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Whether it's in a small, medum or large corporate setting or a conference environment, John Kennedy takes his 20 years of consulting experience and tailors the message to fit the individual, the audience and the corporate culture to drive knowledge acceleration.



There is much truth to the statement "strength in numbers". Building effective teams in our work environment directly effects morale, retention, productivity, and profitability.


  • Understand the four stages of team-building
  • Implement successful team communication strategies
  • Recognize four personalities that form a team
  • Resolve conflict without management involvement
  • Creatively problem solve challenges and issues
  • Establish performance standards for effective leadership
  • Implement an action plan for continuous success
In this day and age of corporate restructuring, having the right skills to maximize your time is essential for survival. We need to balance our work and family commitments without sacrificing the quality that both demand.


  • Separate the urgent from the important
  • Prioritize your work and your life
  • Utilize successful time management strategies that will place three weeks of your life back into your pocket each year!
  • Organize for optimal productivity in three simple steps
  • Set realistic, measurable goals for productive results
  • Deal with constant interruptions, phone calls and email
  • Utilize technology for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Manage multiple assignments without mistakes
  • Implement an action plan for continuous success
As we all know, without the customer we are lost. Empowering our employees to deal directly with the customer on all levels is an environment worth creating.


  • Identify "the attitude" that makes the customer come back
  • Understand the four basic needs humans have
  • Separate the "us" and "me" in customer service
  • Create an environment that supports both the internal and external customer
  • Provide confident, comfortable, and complimentary language
  • Deal with difficult customer issues
  • Resolve customer complaints with a five step approach
  • Learn the two distinct customer styles for "connection"
  • Implement an action plan for continuous success
We have heard the phrase "born leader," but have we heard the phrase "born manager"? Learn what it takes to be both, and what happens if you are only capable of one.


  • Earn trust, respect, and credibility from your employees
  • Develop an environment with unwavering support
  • Implement the "prescription for success"
  • Chart the employees success with a five point checklist
  • Delegate with authority and insight
  • Motivate your employees with the "cannoli factor"
  • Understand the four levels of conflict
  • Communicate with confidence and composure
  • Follow through on discipline issues without fear
  • Take every employee at face value without judgment
  • Balance your responsibilities at work and home
  • Harness the knowledge of your team for unlimited potential
  • Implement an action plan for continuous success

John has taken all of his tricks of the trade from over 2 decades of successful selling and created this high-impact session (either a half day or full-day workshop).

John's trademark approach to "Erosion Control, Drilling Deeper and Market Expansion" have his top clients earning millions of dollars in additional revenues each year...even in tough economic times.


  • The three successful steps to fulfilling the sales cycle.
  • Effective presentation skills for your product, program or promotion
  • The art of recognizing buying signs and ability to negotiate like a pro
  • Five fool proof strategies to landing the big fish...even with a small boat
  • The nine profitable values of the most valuable players in sales
  • Selling with style...theirs...not yours!
  • A sales person is the ultimate entrepreneur...make it your business!

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Not only did John write the book on leadership and management, he created a partner program to take the learning to the next level.
Many companies have purchased the book for their employees and then invited John Kennedy Consulting to deliver the content in an accountable, structured and success-oriented manner. The results-better teams, better leaders, better systems, better outcomes, better cultures, and better results.
The program can be produced in short sessions over a limited period of time or expanded to a comprehensive program with executive summaries, coaching and outcomes. These produce accountability and commitment for maximum return on investment. Please see a detailed summary in the "Course Outline" section or email John directly to discuss your specific training needs.


  • Emerging leaders will identify the importance of "attitude" to the entire process
  • Explore the individual values of their employees.
  • Understand the four stages of management development.
  • Discover key areas of concentration for their leadership inventory.
  • Evaluate their own strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Become aware of the two styles of effective leadership: Transactional vs. Transformational.
  • Emerging leaders will comprehend the four stages of building a world-class team.
  • Uncover the diversity that makes their team unique and in need of understanding.
  • Determine the four basic needs of all human beings and fulfill those needs through effective leadership.
  • Engage in both communication and listening activities to sharpen their interpersonal skills.
  • Set the stage for a deeper understanding of true tactical and strategic leadership development.
  • Emerging leaders will acquire the ability to rate the impact and relationship each employee has to the overall mission of the organization (Mission/Vision will be explored).
  • Invest in their top three performers to maximize potential, influence and outcomes.
  • Embrace the vital need for integrity-based decision making.
  • Develop the ability to "think inside the box".
  • Learn the greatest example of true "dirty shirt" leadership (making beds).
  • Discover their compass of success and personal "true north."
  • Developing leaders will grasp the ability to Prioritize their multiple projects, problems, and people.
  • Determine how to separate importance vs. urgency.
  • Identify key areas that waste their time as well as others'.
  • Effectively plan and evaluate each day/week/month.
  • Set and get successful goals for the organization and team.
  • Organize their systems/desks for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Successfully Schedule and manage team/corporate meetings.
  • Developing leaders will shift their attention back to employee development and evaluation through the "prescription for Success".
  • Incorporate previous lessons to create a culture of employee ownership and involvement through problem-solving and solution-oriented communication.
  • Empower employees in open discussion regarding values and vision for their own success.
  • Facilitate an employee evaluation for development as well as corrective measures for improvement.
  • Enhance their skill set for effective performance reviews.
  • Continue to develop confidence and credibility amongst their team of employees.
  • Developing leaders will investigate the value of 360 feed back within the workplace.
  • Document the values that employees should be rating each other for successful team development.
  • Understand the four levels of conflict in the workplace.
  • Determine which levels should be resolved by employees and which should involve the leader.
  • Consider a five step strategy to enhance effective conflict resolution.
  • Provide insight to employees on professional language skills for employee-based communication.
  • Justify the skill of identifying and dealing with the bad apple that may very well spoil the whole bunch.
  • The effective leader will move into the performing part of building a successful team environment.
  • Identify the top motivators of today's employee.
  • Accept the role of true leadership by engaging each individual employee for their own set of skills, needs, desires, and goals.
  • Challenge each employee to build their own tool box of success for future job opportunities.
  • Earn "respect Level Leadership" by embracing the principles of MTC each and every day.
  • Embark on their first step of self-awareness and success.
  • The successful leader will present to the cohort their "leadership house" they have committed to build.
  • Enhance their ability to communicate with clarity, vision, results, and commitment. Review the 24 "leadershifts" they have developed and report on their challenges and successes.
  • Witness the most amazing epic of true leadership by watching "Leadership from the Edge: The Earnest Shackelton story of perseverance and survival"
  • Gain perspective of what really matters most.
  • Provide course evaluation and feed back.
  • Evaluate the discovery, improvement and commitments of their fellow employees.

"Your energy and enthusiasm are unparalleled. Your knowledge of the subject matter coupled with your clear belief in the ideas which you present have certainly had a positive effect on the members of our company who received your training."

US Markets Training, UUNET Technologies, Inc., Manager -Richard Louis

Your team starts here, your success starts here, your future starts here.

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"Thanks for visiting John Kennedy Consulting. I look forward to connecting with you and discussing how we can partner in your success both personally and professionally."
-John Kennedy

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